Simon Bernhardt is an advertising, editorial and fine art photographer based in Sydney, Australia.


Whilst studying Fine Arts Photography and Media at the University of Technology, Sydney,


Bernhardt worked as a freelance photographic assistant for some of the top fashion, advertising and fine art photographers, internationally and in Australia.

Soon after, this led to Bernhardt taking on his own photographic commissions for magazines and advertising agencies.


In 2010 his first photographic publication was released entitled Polaroid Holiday, reflecting his creative obsession with the Polaroid format and capturing studies of stark urban alienation.

This exhibition and book tour, travelled over the next three-year period.


Bernhardt then continued to explore his fascination with the minutiae of the urban wilderness throughout Europe and Australia. This resulted in his second photographic publication, released in 2012 entitled Square Scapes, dedicated to his friend and mentor the great Australian painter Jeffrey Smart.


In 2014 his third photographic publication and exhibition ‘Gateway’ sparked serious political and cultural debate throughout Australia. It featured sixteen contemporary portraits of cannabis users that attempted to dispel stereotypes, while debating whether cannabis is really a gateway drug and its possible future legalisation for medical and recreational purposes in Australia. The exhibition and limited edition book release also aimed to eliminate any emotion from the sensitive subject of illegal drug use. These portraits engage with the human face of each subject’s personal story behind their cannabis use.





2016    BDSM Exhibition, Sun Studios, Sydney

2016    BDSM Exhibition and book launch, Black Eye Gallery, Sydney

2014    Gateway Exhibition and book launch, Black Eye Gallery, Sydney

2013    PH The Final Six, Yellow Bungalow, Sydney

2013    Square Scapes, In The Annex, Sydney

2012    Square Scapes Exhibition and book launch, He Made She Made Gallery, Sydney

2011    Polaroid Holiday, Global Gallery, Sydney

2011    Polaroid Holiday, Macleay Bookshop, Sydney

2011    Polaroid Holiday, Wedge Gallery at Kinokuniya - Galleries Victoria, Sydney

2010    Polaroid Holiday Exhibition and book launch, Blender Gallery, Sydney





2016    This Time It's Personal, Sun Studios, Sydney

2016    Head On Portrait Prize, Sydney Lower Town Hall, Sydney

2015    This Time It's Personal, Sun Studios, Sydney

2015    Collective, Perth Centre for Photography

2015    The Olive Cotton Award, Tweed River Art Gallery, Murwillumbah

2015    The IRIS Awards, Perth Centre for Photography

2014    This Time It's Personal, Sun Studios, Sydney

2013    The Olive Cotton Award, Tweed River Art Gallery, Murwillumbah

2013    Head On Festival - The Collective 01, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sydney

2013    Head On Festival – Rorschach, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sydney

2013    The Apache Clip Awards, Perth Centre for Photography

2013     Art Month - 33 Degrees, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sydney

2011     Analogue, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sydney

2010    Bringing Cotton to Canvas, Ambush Gallery, Sydney





2016    BDSM

2014    Gateway

2012    Square Scapes

2010    Polaroid Holiday





2016    Finalist in Head On Portrait Prize

2015    Semi Finalist in The Moran Photographic Prize

2015    Finalist in The Olive Cotton Award - For Photographic Portraiture

2015    Finalist and highly commended in the IRIS Awards

2014    APPA Silver Photography Book Award

2013    Finalist in The Olive Cotton Award - For Photographic Portraiture

2013    Finalist in The Apache Clip Awards - Contemporary Landscapes in Photography

2012    Semi Finalist in The Moran Photographic Prize

2010    Photographic Book Grant, City of Sydney





National Library of Australia

Australian Centre for Photography

Asia - Pacific Photobook Archive

Perth Centre for Photography

Various private collections in the UK, Australia, China, Sweden, Germany and the USA





ACB Beauty Magazine

Art of Cosmetic Beauty, Australia and USA

Celebrations Magazine

Couture Magazine

DCM Magazine

Eva Magazine, Slovakia

Emirates Woman

Fashion Handbook

Good Living Magazine

Good Weekend Magazine

Hong Kong Cosmopolitan

Hong Kong Tatler

Jewellery Magazine

Marie Claire

Space Magazine

Sydney Leading Homes

Studio Magazines

The Weekend Australian Magazine

The Sydney Morning Herald - Essentials

100k+ Magazine





2016    BDSM exhibition by Simon Bernhardt, Fbi radio

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2016    Art Month launches at Black Eye Gallery, with BDSM by Simon Bernhardt, Central Magazine

2016    BDSM Thrusting a taboo topic under the spotlight, by Sydney artist Simon Bernhardt, City Hub Newspaper

2016    Simon Bernhardt’s latest exhibition and book release entitled BDSM, Sydney Eyes

2016    BDSM exhibition by Simon Bernhardt challenging the notion within the BDSM community, Twicsy

2016    New photographic exhibition to demystify BDSM and counteract taboos, The AU Review

2016    Simon Bernhardt’s BDSM exhibition and book launch, The Thousands

2016    Photographic exhibition of BDSM expression, Sydney Chic - Sydney Lifestyle Blog

2016    Photographic exhibition to demystify BDSM expression, Lesbians On The Loose

2015    ‘Hawke on Toast’ by Simon Bernhardt is a semi-finalist in the 2015 Doug Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, Sydney Morning Herald

2015    Simon Bernhardt - Semi-finalist in the $80,000 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize revealed, Capture Magazine

2015    The AIPP National Blog: Photobook Melbourne & the Australian Photo Book of the Year Award

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2014    Reefer Madness or Just Recreation? - Exposition of Cannabis use, The Inner West Courier

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2014    Cannabis in the spotlight in Simon Bernhardt’s exhibition, Sydney Morning Herald

2013    The Collective 01 – Exhibition at Kaleidoscope Gallery, Daily Telegraph

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2013    The Collective 01 – Commercial photographers creativity showcased at Head On Photo Festival, Campaign Brief

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